PaperSet ideas

Everything Begins on Paper.

Whether you're sketching out a new product, a kitchen remodel, or a business plan, Paper helps you capture new ideas quickly and beautifully. Share your ideas to Mix, the open platform to discover and remix ideas from others.

Think Kit.

Diagram, Fill and Cut. Think Kit’s Intention Engine and tools help you diagram, wireframe and structure your ideas with effortless polish.

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The essential

Everything you need to express yourself beautifully, whether you’re a beginner or a professional.


Don't start from scratch.

Mix is full of inspiring ideas to remix. Never fear the blank page again.

Drawing skills not required.

Remember when you just drew for fun? On Mix, you can color outside the lines all you want. No remix is too small.

Not just for artists.

Whatever field you're in, Mix is a fun way to spend a little time every day exercising your creativity.

Create with Pencil.

Paper is finger-friendly, but Pencil gives you finer control and unlocks Surface Pressure, Erase, and Blend.

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Start on Paper.

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