No. 2 Pencil.Sharper Than Ever.

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Crafted For Creativity. Made For Tax Forms.

Sharp minds require sharp tools. No. 2 Pencil’s wood body forms a perfectly cylindrical case for graphite, the part that leaves its mark on the page when you show it what to do. Built for writing, designed for doodles.

FiftyThree Shades of Grey

No. 2 Pencil makes sultry shades of grey. Gently rub the flat edge of the pencil tip back and forth to create contrast between light and dark. Smudge with your finger or side of your hand to get dirty. Chiaroscuro never felt so good.


No. 2 Pencil comes with a standard rubber eraser that lets you remove misspellings and wrong answers. (Note: erasers are non-replaceable. Please order more than one No. 2 Pencil if you a make a lot of mistakes.)

School Bus Yellow

A writing tool for the masses. Each No. 2 Pencil has a unique wooden pattern completely concealed by our signature yellow paint inspired by your kid’s ride to school. This model is widely available in the US.

Brunswick Green

Minimal, beautiful and just a little more European than the School Bus Yellow model. Also known to come in blue, black and even red. Not all countries use yellow pencils, you know.

Iconic Form

No. 2 Pencils have been used by teachers and students for a long time, as far back as 1988. The iconic form is recognized around the world. It crosses state boundaries and language barriers. Lápiz, crayon, blyant, 연필… They all mean the same thing: pencil.


Every No. 2 Pencil comes with patented ready-to-write technology. We’ve radically simplified things like making To Do lists, so you can spend less time remembering what to buy and more time figuring out what you wrote.

  1. Look Sharp

    The tip on your No. 2 Pencil should make it through first and second periods, but probably won’t last all day. To sharpen, we recommend this video: How To Sharpen Pencils.

  2. The Write Stuff

    Writing as it should be: no user manuals, no electronic thingamabobs. Just use your No. 2 Pencil like a pen. In the right hands, it’s neat, affordable, and easy to use. (In the wrong hands, someone loses an eye.)

  3. Made for Multiple Choice

    Compatible with Scantron® forms, the leading authority on standardized test bubble sheets.