We make stuff.

Beautiful, practical, meaningful stuff.We make what we love.We what we do.

But over the years, we noticed that somehow, along the way, software designed to help us be creative actually made us less creative. We believe the best ideas often emerge from the simplest tools: pencil and paper.

We set out to build tools that work the way we do.

Tools for the creative space — that live in the 53 centimeters that magically link head, heart, and hand. Tools as simple as pencil and paper. Tools so essential, we really can't imagine work without them.

Forthe makers,the creators,the discoverers,the original thinkers

FiftyThree is the space to create.


  • Lindsay Borden


    Studio Manager focused on office operations, team event coordinating, and creative culture. Formerly of Seattle Met Magazine. Experienced editorial and portrait photographer active in arts education and regular visiting artist at Western Washington University’s art department. @lindsaybphoto

  • Eric Rockey


    Program manager with a passion for simple and rewarding user experiences. Documentary filmmaker and teacher, whose short film, “Vulture Culture”, played at festivals across the U.S. A 15-year veteran of Microsoft with a focus on graphics and early Internet technologies, he worked on the team that invented dynamic HTML.

  • Rachel Romano


    Publicist with a background in tech, art, and literature. Works with journalists to tell interesting and important stories. Bestselling author of two books and a national keynote speaker, she’s written for Ms. Mag, The Atlantic, and the New York Times.

  • Kris Martin


    Designer, producer, and advocate for technology that provides people with satisfying challenges, not just easy answers. Formerly at Microsoft’s Envisioning Group and Google's Creative Lab. @kristofermartin

  • Thomas Marsh


    Software engineer with over 18 years of experience in networking, embedded systems and design for scalability. Architected solutions ranging from ultra-low-latency video game streaming platforms to realtime distributed telecom infrastructure. @thomasmarsh

  • Daniel Gasienica


    Software Engineer and crafter of delightful user experiences. Helped popularize Seadragon zooming technology through Zoom.it at Microsoft Live Labs. Former co-founder of The Thingdom. Creator of OpenZoom, an open source toolkit for bringing high-resolution images and zoomable user interfaces (ZUIs) to the web. @gasi

  • Paula Guntaur


    Interaction designer with a focus on product planning, user research and system design. Former Associate Creative Director at R/GA where she led interaction design. Awarded a Webby for her work on the NIKEiD Mobile Builder. Crafted new platform experiences for Microsoft including KIN, Windows Phone 7 Services and Office. @pollybirdy

  • Dawn Wright


    Software engineer with 15 years of experience crafting engaging user experiences for creators. Founding developer on the Blend UI design tool for Windows Store and Silverlight apps. Engineer of pioneering design tools, including the Visual Studio XAML UI designer, and rich graphics engines for Office productivity tools like PowerPoint and Visio. @wrightangle

  • Denis Kovacs


    Software engineer with experience in low-level graphics programming since his days in the demoscene. MSc in mathematics and a PhD in computational geometry from NYU. Worked with Prof. Denis Zorin on surface parameterization, subdivision surfaces and T-meshes. Previous work with ILM, Valve, and NVIDIA. @deniskovacs

  • Bill Morein


    Believer in products that are delightful and complete, from discovery to experience to support to business model. Led successful teams at startups and large companies for products including Visio, SharePoint, Office, and SkyDrive as well as a stint in VC. Holds degrees in Computer Science, Philosophy, and Economics. @wmorein

  • KJ Chun


    Multidisciplinary designer of physical and digital experiences integrating technology, brand strategy and UX. Systems thinker whose ideas have impacted users for brands including Boeing, Coca-Cola, MacArthur Foundation and Qualcomm with work recognized by AIGA, Communication Arts, Graphis, and The Webby Awards. @kjchun

  • Andrew Chan


    Software engineer with an interest in the intersection between art and technology. Former engineer at Amazon Web Services (S3) and Amazon Digital Products. Passionate about scalable architecture, computer graphics and visual arts. @andhedrew

  • Amit Pitaru


    Coder, designer and educator whose work has been exhibited at the London Design Museum, Lincoln Center, and other major international institutions. MacArthur grant winner for assistive technology work. Published by MIT Press. Former teacher at NYU ITP, SVA, and Cooper Union. Co-founded Kitchen Table Coders and The School for Poetic Computation. @pitaru

  • Hauke Gentzkow


    Interaction design thinker bridging the gap between hardware and software product experience. Brought unique interactions for natural user interactions to Kinect and Xbox. Designed web services for Windows Live and Zillow.com. Endlessly tinkering with Kickstarter project dreams. @53hauke

  • Arsie Jiwajinda


    Specialist in streamlining operations and cultivating culture here at FiftyThree. Former Head of Operations at Carbonmade, a creative online portfolio platform where makers can show off their work. Always thinking about new ways to make the work environment more awesome. @arsie

  • Tara Feener


    Design-focused software engineer working at the intersection of UX, design, and the web. Founding member of the prototype team for Adobe Edge Reflow. Founding engineer on the Adobe HTML Pipeline team, focused on applying lean startup techniques to new product discovery. @tfeener

  • Richard Lum


    Engineer and simplifier of complexity with a focus on program management, project development, and product strategy. Trained in aeronautical maintenance and mechanics. Holder of 15+ patents. Formerly of Sonos, Microsoft, Bell Labs and AT&T. @53Richard

  • Audrey Louchart


    Industrial designer whose concern for user experience, tone, and story has brought landmark products to life, including the first generation of the award-winning Arc mouse for Microsoft. Formerly of Decathlon in France where she worked on sports product trends and design, and One & Co in San Francisco. @lodrey

  • Ian MacDuff


    Developer of embedded hardware and software for over 20 years. Leader of cross-functional engineering teams that have developed navigation systems, touchscreen remotes, a cortical stimulator for treating stroke, and other groundbreaking projects. Early member of Heartstream, a Seattle startup that brought the world the first public access defibrillator. @ianmacduff

  • Jim Koo


    Mechanical engineer bringing soul to design and manufacturing. Holder of 20+ patents and veteran of 150+ Dead shows. Directed mechanical engineering at Sonos, bringing to market a long line of groundbreaking consumer electronic products, from Xbox 360 peripherals and PC game controllers to headsets and media players.

  • G. Scott Olson


    Web designer and developer with over fifteen years of experience. Crafter of innovative user interfaces for companies like Orbitz and LinkedIn. Joke teller, sketch writer, and general humorist. Previous life as a multifaceted yoga entrepreneur in Chicago. @gscottolson

  • Dave Stern


    Interdisciplinary engineer with almost 16 years of expertise in software development, networking, system and database administration, technical team management and scalable infrastructure. Architected systems for several startups and corporations serving millions of users daily. @davestern1

  • Amy Cao


    Storyteller and curator of remarkable creations made with Paper. Former Head of Community at Foodspotting, a community-driven dish discovery app acquired by OpenTable. Creator and host of Stupidly Simple Snacks, a web series that shows you what to cook when you can't. @amycao

  • Allen Lau


    Designer whose work spans from branding and identity, to print, motion, and interactive for clients including Starbucks and Microsoft. Featured in Print Magazine; published in several books; winner of Webby Award. Animator of the award-winning short film, The Thomas Beale Cipher. @allenylau

  • Becky Brown


    Graphic designer with a focus on product branding. Featured in Communication Arts, Print Magazine, Graphis and AIGA. Worked on design language for Xbox products at Microsoft and served as Art Director at LUNAR, where she led the creation of a suite of surface and on-screen patterns shipped with HP Pavilion notebooks. @Becks_Brown

  • Ian Curry


    Multi-platform interaction designer and professor in SVA’s MFA Interaction Design program. Former Director of Interaction Design at Local Projects, where he infused delight into museums and public spaces with apps that won nearly every major industry award. Previously designing convergent products at Frog Design in New York. @heavymeta

  • Matthew Chen


    Software engineer most recently working on core advertising platform features at Google. Open source advocate with a decade of startup engineering experience in Silicon Valley and New York. @cmchen

  • Peter Sibley


    Software engineer with a passion for innovative user interfaces and novel applications of computer graphics. Worked at Microsoft on mobile and web-based 3D interfaces used in Photosynth and Bing. @petersibley

  • dalas verdugo


    Community specialist. Original Director of Community at Vimeo where he helped to establish the site as a positive and creative community with strong connections between staff and users. Former Fulbright Scholar in Norway for multimedia art with a focus on electronic-based work. @dalasv

  • Aseem Kishore


    Developer of seamless web experiences that span apps, APIs, services, and systems. Helped bring the revolutionary “Seadragon” zooming technology to the web at Microsoft Live Labs. Former co-founder of The Thingdom, a social network around products. @aseemk

  • John Ikeda


    Hardware product sculptor whose attention to craft stems from a rich heritage in Japanese calligraphy. Leader on the design of Xbox accessories including the Xbox 360 game controller and Kinect. Designer of the indestructible tools for Fluke. @johnikeda

  • Jon Harris

    Design / Co-Founder

    Shaper of soulful product experiences across hardware, software and services; inspired by a rich family heritage that spans the world. Crafted leading brands at HP, Zune, Xbox, and Pioneer Studios with work recognized by Red Dot, IDSA, iF, CES, ID Magazine and Good Design. @jon_creates

  • Julian Walker

    Engineering / Co-Founder

    Developer of magical user experiences at the intersection of art and science. Past work includes pioneering graphics and user-interface technologies for Seadragon, Photosynth, Bing Maps, and Silverlight as showcased in multiple TED Talks. @julianwa

  • Andrew S Allen

    Design / Co-Founder

    Crafter of meaningful stories connecting brand, interaction and social with breakthrough work on Microsoft Courier and Nike. Founder of Short of the Week and director of the award-winning short film, The Thomas Beale Cipher. Named one of "25 New Faces" by Filmmaker Magazine and featured by AIGA, Fast Company, The Atlantic, and Wired. @asallen

  • Georg Petschnigg

    CEO / Co-Founder

    Connector between engineering, design and business. Co-founder of Pioneer Studios, a design venture fund for incubating new mobile devices and services. Shipper of productivity tools like PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Seminal work in digital photography. @georgpetschnigg